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  • 16 May 2020

For years we created magic with our woodwork, it was a gift and talent that we loved and it gave a new meaning to gifting. Customized, well thought of gifts always have a deeper meaning that shows the purest kind of love and being the ones to deliver that kind of love, we are honored to deliver and do everything we can to give a meaning to the message that our clients want. But we wanted to deliver more. We questioned ourselves on how to best do that?

Every business, as you know, has challenges and one such challenge for us was when our amazing clients questioned us about how their decorative name would look like. All we could do was shrug our shoulders and assure them that they would only get the best and would love it, hoping they really would but the question always remained stuck in our brain. If only we could show them and let them choose how they wanted their customized decorative name or message looked like, it would be great. We didn’t have a clue but all we wanted was to overcome this hurdle and find the solution to this problem to improve our services.

We decided to look at the different kinds of name generators online and there were several that were good but they had so many options that they became confusing and overwhelming.

There are more than 300,000 fonts out in the world with more being created almost every day making us overwhelmed. We had no clue about which font to recommend when our clients wanted to look at fonts and select them for their project. It could easily take more than an hour to look at those many fonts and to select from them which could get overwhelming for most people.

We went on a lookout again for the perfect tool generator that could be the solution to our problems and the quest continued for several months then finally we made a decision that we hadn’t thought of before it was to build and customize our very own font generator.

The first step was deciding the properties we needed it to have, Our utmost priority was having a window where our clients could enter their names that they wanted to be customized. Next, was to give them the privilege to choose the font that they best-loved.

For years here at Mobile Monogram we created great looking names,  but it was also a challenge because a font that looks elegant and great on paper may not be able to look or cut just as well on wood. Some fonts are either too thin or they were not compatible with the format we required to be cut on wood.

We ended up choosing 10 elegant and unique fonts that would look just as good on wood, PVC or aluminum like they did on paper and it was a game-changer for our business. I and my sons could finally smile in relief when customers asked us to choose fonts for their customized decorative names.

The fonts that we selected looked great on the different materials and our clients loved them. They are

• Abbey line

• Amarillo

• Amazone Bt

• Autumn In November

• Laughing And Smiling

• Lauren Script

• Playball

• Stylish Calligraphy

• Winter Calligraphy

Here at Mobile Monogram, we were able to create a name tool that is clean and simple to use and best of all it has fonts that you will love to customize and create the elegant and stylish names you want.

The customized names can be used in your baby's nursery that displays your affection for them and once they outgrow their crib the monogram can be hung in their toddler room and then in their teenage room once they think they are grown up.

Not only that, you can use these monograms on wedding showers, baby shower, your living room and in many more places and for a lot more occasions.

Many of our creative clients also use our names to create inspirational quotes to use in other parts of their homes.

Click Here to take a look at our name tool, we are sure you will love it just as much as we do.

If you are looking to make the best heartfelt customized gift in the world for yourself or your loved ones then Click Here and we will ship it to you anywhere in the USA or you can plan a pickup with us in Mobile Alabama.

As always here at Mobile Monogram & Signs Me and my Sons strive to give you the best quality monogram offered anywhere. We thank you for your continued support. We hope you enjoy using our new name tool.


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